Vetorep CR520 High Strength Ready to Use Structural Repair Mortar

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Vetorep CR520 is a single component polymer modified fibered cementitious structural repair mortar that is ready to use and only requires adding water on site. Once mixed, the product becomes a thixotropic mortar that is hand applied to repair demanding structural repair while being compatible with host concrete. Vetorep CR520 is composed of a blend of hydraulic cement, carefully selected and graded aggregates, fibers, and special additives to give it its unique properties.

 Vetorep CR520 is supplied in a 25 Kg Bag. Yield: 14 Liters.


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Vetorep CR520 High Strength Ready to Use Structural Repair Mortar



  • Repair of broken structural concrete elements.
  • Vertical concrete repair up to 75 mm in a single layer.
  • Overhead concrete repair up to 20 mm in a single layer.
  • Horizontal and patch repairs up to 100 mm in a single layer.
  • Honeycomb repairs, general concrete repairs.


  • Easy to use, a single component product
  • High physical and mechanical properties.
  • Extremely low permeability providing reinforcement protection against corrosion as well as resistance to ingress of contaminants.
  • Non-Shrink properties ensuring repair dimensional stability.
  • Suitable for internal and external applications.
  • Breathable, compatible with host concrete.
  • Thixotropic properties allowing high build-up in vertical and overhead repairs

To ensure proper mixing, use a mechanical power mixer or drill fitted with a suitable paddle. Add 3.5- 4 liters of clean water to a clean container. Then add the powder to the water slowly while mixing continuously with a low-speed mixer/drill (400 – 600 rpm). Continue mixing for 5 minutes until obtaining a uniform consistency.


Apply Vetorep CR520 by a trowel or by hand. Apply the mixed mortar by pressing it firmly to fully compact the mortar and ensure good adhesion with the steel reinforcements and the substrate. Initially, finish and level the material surface by a wooden or plastic float. Carry out the final finishing using steel float.

For high thicknesses applications, vertically and overhead, it is better to gradually apply it by hand in patches with a firm pressing; this ensures the adhesion with the substrate and the subsequent layers for the CR520.


Vetorep CR520 is a cementitious-based material; it is similar to a concrete cure by continuous watering and covering with polyethylene sheets.

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