The World’s Right Hand in the Construction of Earth.

About Nabni

Welcome to Nabni

Nabni is an online multi-vendor marketplace for the sales and delivery of building and construction including finishing and furnishing products and services. We connect buyers to trusted and recognized vendors in the building materials sector.


Be the World’s Right Hand in the Construction of Earth.


Work with stakeholders to help collectively address the market’s needs and play a lead role in the thriving and prosperity of the construction industry.

Your Right Hand

We consider ourselves your right hand, i.e. the hand you trust and rely on and that is ‘right’ for performing the project you have.  Connecting you to a range of reliable construction, finishing and furnishing suppliers and vendors, providing you with thorough product information, ensuring a smooth delivery and installation process to your project site, and facilitating return and warranty claims where applicable.

What are we solving?

Constructing, Renovating and/or Furnishing your home or building is a joyful endeavor for everyone involved. Whether the one involved is the actual end-user, the client, the architect, the consultant, the project manager, the contractor, the interior designer, the manufacturer, the building material supplier, the delivery agent, or the electricians, plumbers, and builders on site. Each of them plays a strategically important role in the evolving of a ‘new building’ from scratch, and it’s such an exciting experience witnessing it coming to life in front of them and having played a role in that.

However, and unless properly organized, that journey’s joyfulness can quickly turn into pain and agony, translating into a miserable exercise, causing more problems, more cost, and further delays to the exercise.

At Nabni we strive to play a role in preserving the ‘joyfulness’ that surrounds that exercise by working closely with the various stakeholders to help organize the market and facilitate the needed interactions accompanying that journey. In that, we see ourselves, playing three key roles

Fulfilling Customer Needs

Nabni’s starting point has been and will always be the customer – understanding their aspirations, their hopes and dreams, their needs and requirements and the challenges and difficulties that stand in their way of realizing these. From there, we help customers overcome the challenges and obstacles they face by facilitating access to what they need from information, knowledge, learning, products and services, that lead to a joyful construction journey.

Organizing the Supply

Based on the needs of the Customer, we work closely with suppliers to understand their challenges and needs, and help them overcome these so that they can fulfill customers’ needs, whether from a regulatory, process, standards, information, specifications, quality, variety, taste, affordability, reliability or warranty perspective. We work with all stakeholders to help collectively address the market’s needs and play a role in the thriving and prosperity of this important industry.

Upskilling the Market

We recognize that a key success factor for this vital industry is upskilling the Market. Our plans are to work closely with experts in the field and individuals in well established markets and organizations around the World, to gather and disseminate needed knowledge, learning, and education that can establish standards, enforce qualifications, and raise expectations to deliver sustainable high-quality communities and buildings.

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