Plaster Mix M Designed for Manual Plastering For Areas Not Accessed By Machine Applications

Coverage: 1.5kg/m2 @1mm thickness

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Plaster Mix M Designed for Manual Plastering For Areas Not Accessed By Machine Applications

Coverage: 1.5kg/m2 @1mm thickness


Plaster Mix M is a cement-based plastering material composed of hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, and special additives. It is supplied as a dry powder in pre-weighed bags ready to use on-site, which requires only the addition of clean water to produce cohesive mortar. Plaster Mix M is a high-quality product that contains a special shrinkage control additive. It is designed for manual hand application for areas that can not be accessed by machine application. Plaster Mix M can be used by plaster spray machines too. Plaster Mix M is generally applied in thicknesses ranging from 5 to 20mm per layer.

Designed for manual applications.
The perfect replacement of the traditional plasters and renders.


  • Factory-controlled pre-blend ensures consistently high quality.
  • Requires only the addition of water on-site at the time of usage.
  • Uniform color/mass.
  • Improved workability & curing.
  • Good adhesion on a variety of substrates.
  • Internal & external applications.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Shrinkage control reduces surface cracks.
  • Suitable for humid & dry conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly with fewer wastes.

Plaster Mix M is supplied in a 50kg Bag.

Yield: 1kg/0.66L


Add to the mixing container 8.5-9.5 liters of water for each 50Kg bag of Plaster Mix M. Add the powder to the water and mix with a mechanical plaster mixer or a low-speed electric drill fitted with a suitable paddle. Mix for 3-4 minutes until achieving a uniform, lump-free consistency.

For manual (hand) mixing, water demand might differ from the mentioned above ratio due to the mixing efficiency that depends on human efforts.

For the spraying machine, adjust the water flow from 350-550 Liter/hour; this depends on the desired consistency and the rubber pump conditions.

To increase the plaster’s workability and the adhesion to the substrate, we highly advise adding 1-2 liters of Saveto Bond 2 to the mixing water and adjusting the water requirements for each 50kg bag of Plaster Mix M.

The mixed material can be re-tempered after 1 hour from mixing up to 2 hours; after that, the material can not be used since it starts to set.


Apply Plaster Mix M in a single or two layers on rough or smooth surfaces to achieve the desired thickness. Before the application of Plaster Mix M, Apply Spatter Dash SB to the surface.

Apply the mixed material using the hawk & trowel technique. Rod or level to a uniform thickness of 5-20 mm. When the plaster starts to stiff, usually after 40 – 60 min depending on the surrounding conditions, smooth the material to achieve the desired appearance.

When applying Plaster Mix M using a plaster machine, ensure high pressure and the right water ratio, start with the areas that will consume more, and apply gradually.

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