Tile Adhesive C-500 25KG

Coverage: 4M2/25KG BAG @ 5MM THICKNESS

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Tile Adhesive C-500 25KG

Coverage: 4M2/25KG BAG @ 5MM THICKNESS


C500 is a cement based water resistant tile adhesive with fast setting, quick strength and self curing properties. It contains special chemicals including re-dispersible polymers. It is suitable for fixing wall and floor tiles. It provides excellent adhesion, good mechanical strength and can be used for internal and external applications. It can be used on ceramic tiles (group IIIBS5385-1:2009) having water absorption (E) more than 10% (E>10%). C500 white is advised to be used on stain prominent tiles.

C500 supplied in 25 kg bags has to be mixed with potable water only, in a clean plastic bucket or a clean, non-corrosive uncontaminated metal tub. To ensure a homogeneous and uniform mix, an electric agitator must be used. The amount of water to be added is approximately 6.25 ltrs per 25 kg bag (i.e. 25% by weight). Add C500 to water, turn the contents of the bag carefully and stir frequently. Once mixed, allow to stand for 5 minutes and mix again before applying. No further water should be added to the mix. The mixed mortar must be used within 30 minutes. Hard and set mortar should not be re-mixed or used.

C500 is rendered in one coat, having a thickness of 3-5 mm. To achieve a uniform thickness, the mortar is leveled with a serrated trowel. The thickness of the adhesive will depend upon the size and type of tile. Do not spread more than 1m2 at a time. Spreading large areas may result in the mortar drying before tiles can be pressed home, causing poor adhesion. Once the mortar has been applied, the working time will vary according to the porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions. Tiling in wet areas, i.e. shower rooms, swimming pools and in all such instances, ensure a solid bedding. There must be no void or air pockets behind the tiles. Do not apply the mortar sparingly. Buttering the mortar onto the back of the tile is not recommended, but if essential it should be spread over the entire back of the tile to an even depth.

Pre-treatment, i.e. wetting of tiles is essential. However, due to the wide variety of tiles available, it is advisable to consult the tile manufacturer for recommendations.

Ceramic tiles should not be fixed with tight joints. Leave a minimum space of 2 mm around every tile. For normal use, the joints should be filled with Conmix cementitious grout.

The possibility of incorporating movement joints in any tile installation should be considered at the design stage and usually they will be located at the following areas:
a) Over existing movement joints in the structure
b) Where tiling other materials i.e ceiling, floors, skirting, door and window frames etc.
c) In large tiled areas at internal vertical corners and at 3 – 4.5 m centers horizontally and vertically. Movement joints should be at least
6 mm wide and extend completely through tile and adhesive bed. An appropriate sealant, e.g. silicone rubber, should be used for filling the movement joints. The recommendations in BS 5385 should be followed. Conmix Technical Service Department will assist in these procedures upon request.

Tiling in newly constructed buildings should not commence until all shrinkage movement and creeping has taken place. Cement based mortars, plasters, renders and floor screeds must be allowed to harden for a minimum period of 14 days before tiling commences. Ceramic tiles should never be fixed with tight joints. Leave a minimum space of 2 mm around every tile. Grouting should not be carried out for at least 48 hours after completion of the tiling. During this period proper water curing must be carried out for hydration of cement.

C500 must be stored in a dry place, off the ground and well covered. Hard or lumpy material must be re

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