About Nabni

Nabni is an online multi-vendor marketplace for the sale and delivery of all types of building construction materials, finishing and furnishing products as well as services.

Our Foundations

Nabni is an online multi-vendor marketplace for the sale and delivery of all types of building construction materials, finishing and furnishing products as well as services.

Nabni takes away the headaches and hassles from building and construction by connecting clients to a community of trusted professionals, qualified craftsmen and skilled specialists – a community with common values, dedicated to best practice and setting standards, one that is focused on creating enduring quality, laying strong and sustainable foundations and defining the future of the building and construction industry.

From start to finish, we make the whole building process more streamlined, enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling – enabling everyone involved to focus on the job in hand and get on with the craft of construction. And ultimately, of course, our aim is for the customer to enjoy greater levels of satisfaction from an optimum product.

Our Blueprint

Everyone involved in the construction process – architect, consultant, project manager, contractor, interior designer, manufacturer, building materials supplier, delivery agent, electrician, carpenter, plumber, and builder right through to the client – wants to get projects completed quickly, safely, on budget and to be the best possible standard.

Despite this, so many construction projects today are completed late and costing more than planned, compromising on health and safety not to mention standards. They are fraught and stressful processes for a variety of reasons ranging from industry fragmentation to lack of trust between partners, miscommunication of needs, failures in process innovation and more.

What Nabni aims to do is to restore efficiencies to the building and construction process by facilitating mutually beneficial reliable partnerships, providing a bridge between supply and demand, and acting as a conduit for industry knowledge.

Our Community

Nabni welcomes everyone involved in building and construction – whether they are professionals, first-time homebuilders, regulators, investors, service providers or suppliers. For each and every one of them, we are here to provide the latest information, help them make reliable connections, introduce them to trusted collaborators, and link them to best-in-class products. In short, Nabni provides the complete portfolio of services and solutions needed for achievable, quality, sustainable building and construction.

Our Building Blocks

Meeting customer needs

Product Range / Delivery Solutions / Customer Service / Quality

At Nabni, the customer and their construction journey is always our starting point. We consider not just their plans and what they will need to get them to their goal, but also the challenges they may face and the obstacles they might come across along the way.

To give clients a smooth road to their construction destination, Nabni makes sure they are directed to the right information and have access to the best possible products and services, delivery solutions and, of course, quality.

Organizing Supply

Product Description & Information / Standards / Quality / Variety / Taste / Affordability / Availability / Reliability / Warranty

Once we have a clear idea of customer needs, we bring together a project team, liaise with everyone involved to make sure requirements are properly communicated, fully understood and acted on appropriately. This covers everything from regulations, processes, standards, specifications and quality to style, price range, reliability and warranty. 

This way, it is win-win – the customer is satisfied, the building and construction suppliers and contractors prosper and thrive, and the reputation of the industry is enhanced.

Continuous improvement

Quality Standards / Knowledge Expectations / Language & Communication
Recognizing the importance and many advantages of continuous improvement, Nabni is committed to upskilling across the building and construction community. To this end and with the ultimate goal of influencing and defining the future of the industry, we liaise with reputed experts and respected professionals across the world – gathering and sharing knowledge and information, educating on standards, trends and new technologies, raising awareness of certification and qualifications.

Why Nabni?

One-stop-shop for all building and construction products and services

Trusted and reliable vendors and suppliers

Verified and quality assured products and services

Variety of payment options and plans

Reliable delivery and installation

Thorough product and service information and specifications

Dependable warranties including return and exchange policies

Responsive and knowledgeable customer service

Education, guidance and support

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